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Feedback From Others...

"These are difficult times and you are doing many a great service—especially for those of us who do not have the time to do the research and do not have the comprehension of the market as you. Thank you for your service and thanks for your views on my questions."
Dr. Robert Brunker, DDS


"Our world as we know it in the west is approaching a chaotic end, 3rd world status will become our lot as a new superpower rises in the east. A gang of thugs and buccaneering thieves known more commonly as politicians/bankers who care little for the average man are determined to milk the west dry before it collapses in a bonfire of debt and paper promises. Few people are brave enough to think these thoughts let alone broadcast them as Dr. Lewis does. For this he and his staff deserve the greatest respect. Follow Dr Jeff's advice and don't let the Ba#*teds ruin you and your loved ones."
Andy (s.e. Wales UK)


"Without you, we would certainly be lagging far behind the learning curve relative to silver and the deeper understanding how everything works and is interrelated…"
Jay Daniel
"I have received your weekly emails for a long time now; and I have just a few words to say: Quantitative easing, Debt Crisis, Euro zone, Ben's twist, Bail-ins, Tapering, Bot manipulation and Economic reports, to name a few. If it impacts the silver market; if it has something to do with why I should own silver, you are always right there on top of it. Your emails give me a perspective like no other because you are always current, penetrating, and informative. I always feel like I know what is going on in the market. Or to put it another way, I feel that not much is passing under the radar. To me, your emails are the Reader's Digest of the Buzz within the silver market community. Thank you for informing me and saving me a lot of time."
 -Walter Schwartz


"The value I receive from your website and The Lewis and Mariani Silver Letters is far, far greater than the small subscription cost. I am finding that I don't need any other source for silver research and knowledge."
Vic (UK)


"I have been receiving your emails since I signed up last February, and I want to thank you for all the information you have been sharing with us. Your big heart and concern for others shows through in all your writings, and that sort of thing is rare these days. How you do all this and maintain your medical practice is really something, and thank you for all the work you do which is aimed at helping others.
The article you had in the link on your email today was so right on. You have really been doing your homework and have uncovered the gross criminal fraud the foursome of fed-big banks-government-wall street have been pulling off for years, with the bought-off courts and regulatory agencies looking the other way. The American people are being swindled our of their retirement funds, home values, and savings accounts by these criminals. Yet the public in general remains asleep in front of their TVs and their six-packs at their sides. At least your readers have the opportunity wake up and do what they are able to protect themselves. Most "little guys" don't have the resources to buy gold, but they can buy silver, and you see that and explain it so well."
 -  Charles Beck

"Dr. Jeff Lewis and the "Lewis Mariani Silver Letters" publication is a rare find in an increasingly complex world of information. Oftentimes, and probably as it should be, the gold market gets the lion's share of attention in the commodities world. Jeff has a heartfelt desire to help those of us who find silver to be a fine, and affordable, investment option. He has a unique ability to cull information down to nuggets that the likes of me can understand and apply. Dr. Lewis consistently demonstrates a unique concern for his clients … mighty refreshing to find. God bless him, his family, and his business." - 
Linda Espino

"I live in Hong Kong and I frequently visit websites about gold and silver. This has the most powerful information to enhance my knowledge on these two precious metals." -
David Chan
"I find any information I can learn about investing in silver interesting. Your website and e course have taught me a few things I didn't know. You've provided some good reading and links about something I love as a hobby and my and my family's future. Thank you"
 Dennis - Mount Sterling, Kentucky

"I've been reading on silver on many sites, I find your information more practical and straightforward and full of content, thanks".
Xavier - Barcelona, ESP

"Your website and E-Course helped provide a different take on the metals".
Paul - Beckley, West Virginia

"I appreciate the educational aspects of your website/e-course. Your course has helped to reinforce my decision to purchase more silver".
Spencer R. - Loomis, California

"I appreciate your sharing your vast knowledge with those of us who are learning about the potential for silver investing".
Thomas - Peoria, Arizona

"I have a very busy schedule and your course updates keep me focused on the "silver strategy"
Bob M. - Kitchener, Ontario

"I've read your articles on Market Oracle and I appreciate the clarity in your writings. You confirm what I believe, that silver has a huge upside and if patient will pay off".
Ken - Littleton, Colorado

"Well it helps confirm my conviction that silver is far better metal to invest in than gold or any of the other metals because of its monetary, medical, and industrial uses. So it really has a realistic unrecognized potential that I feel the gold bugs overlook. I read and research a lot of different sources and you help me stay balanced in my approach. Thanks for the course and keep up the good work!"

Bill - Columbus, Ohio

"This course and website is slowly restoring my confidence as an investor in silver. At one point I was ready to unload it all at rock-bottom prices. Since I've read the letter I've held on.
Kim - Saint Thomas, Ontario

Thanks for making it all free and very simple.

Jim - Kingsland, Georgia

"The E-Course is very upbeat and has helped me to feel more confident about the future of Silver!" -

John J. - Harrisville, New Hampshire